Our chocolate lab Penny is almost 13 weeks old!  She’s growing so fast and her personality is just awesome!  We started crate training her a couple days after she came home with us. We had a couple rough nights of whining and yelping. After some research online, we found a suggested schedule to help. It states to set alarms for every 2-2 1/2 hours to start. Take the puppy out, and then back in the crate. The key is to wake up the puppy, not wait until the puppy wakes you. After 3 days, you move the time up by 1/2 an hour. She has done so well with the training. If you would like to check out the article, you can find it here.  I will swear by this method to anyone. 

Now, on to a couple of updated pictures of Penny!  I haven’t been able to get too many because she is such a busy girl and doesn’t have time to sit still for pictures. 😁

Here she is after coming home from my son’s soccer game. She wore herself out trying to chase down soccer balls and playing with other kids. Such a lady you are Penny.   Silly face!  And of course the puppy eyes. I mean seriously, how cute is she?!  Hope everyone is having a great week!