Today I wanted to try a recipe for cloud bread that I had found on Pinterest. I love bread….it’s a weakness of mine, as well as pasta. And chocolate.  So we whipped up some cloud bread. It was ok. I later tried a piece toasted and I liked that much better.

The recipe is pretty versatile. It calls for Rosemary which we didn’t have. We did however, use honey. You could also add some garlic and cheese for some super healthy garlic bread. You can locate the recipe here.  We had some omelets with ham, peppers, onions, and cheese to top off our healthy breakfast.

Now onto dinner. This meal has been my favorite so far. Using cabbage and kielbasa with onion, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Super easy to make. My husband did make a small difference to the recipe and that was cutting the butter down from 6 Tbsp to 4 Tbsp. So amazing.

Low carb and filling! You can find the recipe here.  I really thought we would have a hard time finding amazing food that is low carb, but so far so good!