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Double Exposure Inspo

I look on Pinterest almost every single day for inspirational graphics.  Double exposure has become one of my favorites to explore.  I’ve had to play around quite a bit to get a hang on double exposure.  I will get it eventually!  Below are some amazing pieces of art that I’ve found.

  1. Is this not amazing?!  Please check the website here and see other crazy insane work from this artist.  The site states she’s an 18 year old artist…unbelievable talent!  You can also find her on Instagram.


2.  Next up, anetteivanova.  You can find more of her work by clicking on her name.


3.  I think these next pieces of work are quite fascinating.  Creepy in a way, definitely  not the norm, which I love.  What do you think?  Website found here.


4.  This next artist takes photographs of women and nature and combines them into beautiful pieces.  Check out more of his work here1

I have to tell you, since I’ve started messing around with graphics, my step-son has become quite interested as well.  I told my husband he has the creative spirit.  Check out some of his practice.



Both are with the same photos, just different settings.  The second photo was made with the help of the Double Exposure setting in Pixlr.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration to go and create!






Creatively Creating

I’ve been working some more on my graphics and I’m finding these amazing programs that are FREE.  I feel as though I’ve been living under a rock.  Pixlr…..seriously, I am in love.  I’m still learning Pixlr, and considering it’s free…makes it that much more fun!



I love finding quotes that talk about strength and peace.  I’m finding much enjoyment in being able to express my creativity again.  Sometimes I feel that I’ve lost that along the way after becoming a mom and a wife.  My children are so creative and inventive and that is what has been driving me to find that in myself again.  They get their creativity from somewhere right?!


Amazing quote found here.


Graphics test 1

I’ve recently become quite interested in graphic design, which is kind of funny, because that’s what I actually went to school for.  However, after graduating, my choices led me to much different paths in my life.  That was many, many moons ago.  I’ve been doing a lot of research and playing around with Canva and PicMonkey, both of which I’m sure you all have heard of.  The more I play around, the more I LOVE seeing what I can do!  Both are super easy to use, and so much fun to use!

Below are two that I made in Canva.

What the world (1)

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