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My Favorite Crochet Memes

Anyone who crochets or knits will appreciate these memes.  Especially if you’re like me and hoard yarn and hooks like no one’s business!


Happy Friday!


Crochet Fox Projets

Awhile back, I had quite a few orders for fox crochet items.  Who knew foxes were so popular?

The fox hat pattern can be found here.  Diaper cover and tail can be found here.  I couldn’t find a free pattern for the boot cuffs, so I studied some pictures and made it up as I went.  I wish I would have written the pattern down.  Maybe one day I can get one written up.  🙂


I’ve really been enjoying learning how to crochet little animals.  They sell really well at craft shows and they take no time at all.  I was able to finish this little guy following the pattern here.


The pattern above is great for a beginner!  It’s super easy to follow, so check it out!

Fall Crochet Inspo

Even though the weather is still warm, fall is quickly approaching.  As much as I love fall, it saddens me to know what will come after….so to distract my mind from the wretched “S” word, I have searched Pinterest for some fall crochet inspiration!


  1.  I came across this little bow and thought it was adorable!  Pattern can be found here.  There’s also a photo for a witch colored bow too!


2. This little pumpkin is awesome!  It’s also a free pattern!  Check it out here.



3.  What would a fall post be without some crocheted leaves?!  Free pattern can be found here.



4.  I love these sunflowers!  Use them as coasters or any type of fall decoration!  Pattern can be found here.


5.  As the weather cools, why don’t you whip up some of these adorable boot cuffs?  Find the pattern here.


6.  And last but not least……a fall scarf!  I am OBSESSED with scarves…..that’s actually why I was inspired to start crocheting.  To feed my scarf obsession!  Check out this free pattern.


I hope you enjoy these and have a great weekend!




5 Free Patterns for Crochet Water Bottle Holders

5 Free Patterns (1).jpg

Hello!  Happy Wednesday!  I wanted to share some patterns I have come across for the water bottle holders.  They work up so quickly and are perfect for days at the park, zoo, concerts, and are especially handy if you have little ones!


  1.  Stainless Steel Water Bottle Sling  This is the pattern I use when making my water bottle holders.  The pattern is so easy to read and the finishing product is adorable!Stainless-Steel-Water-Bottle
  2. Free water bottle pattern with chart.  Not only is there a chart with this pattern, but a video tutorial as well! waterbottle2
  3. Recycled Plastic Water Bottle If you want to try something really different, this is the pattern for you!  She re-uses plastic bags and crochets them into water bottle holders…how neat is that?  She even has a tutorial on how to prepare the plastic bags for crocheting.  If you’re like me, I’m sure you have TONS of plastic bags around just waiting to be recycled! waterbottle3
  4. Carla Bottle Holder  Here’s another free pattern that is different and so cute!  This pattern comes with step by step photos which I find very helpful.carla-bottle-holder-pin4
  5. Watermelon Drink Carrier Last but not least, we have a watermelon drink carrier! What screams summer more than a watermelon?waterbottle5.png

I hope you enjoy these patterns and find them helpful when working up your own water bottle carrier!

Lollipop Bouquet

I found the inspiration for this lollipop bouquet on Pinterest. How cute is this?  I set it up on my table at the latest craft show and I love how it turned out.  After whipping up several of the little flowers in different colors, I bought a Styrofoam ball from the Dollar Tree, similar to this one.  I bought the Dum Dums and the flower pot at the Dollar Tree as well.  Using scraps of yarn, I had myself an affordable, adorable, little display to add to my table.

You can find the pattern for these sweet little flowers here.  They take very little time to make once you get the hang of it.  You could do so many different things with these little flowers.

Such a slacker

Long time no see. I’ve been extremely busy lately. New job, craft show, a few custom orders from said craft show. I’m now prepping for another show in May. Sigh. Anywho, I wanted to share a couple of the custom orders I did.

This was for a fairly new baby. The hat is a basic pattern. For the diaper cover, I used this super simple pattern, here.  It’s adjustable, so I was really excited about that. The shoe pattern you can find here.  I then whipped up some circles for the eyes and then added the mouth.

Next, I had a request for a mermaid outfit for a newborn. Eek. Momma is due the end of April so I had to get it done.

I used different patterns I found on Pinterest for the tail. The tail pattern you can find here.  For the fin, pattern is here and the top here.  I really like how it turned out and Momma was happy too.

Have a great Wednesday!

Little hand bag

Good morning and happy Saturday!  I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Every time I look I find something new I’m inspired to try. I found a pattern for a cute little bag and had to try it. You can find the pattern here.

I do have to tell you I changed the pattern a bit when doing mine simply because I wanted it to be a bit bigger. The pattern calls for a start chain of 19 and I did 29. I also single crocheted around the edge when I was finished, then sewed the sides to close. That was just my preference. The pattern was so easy to read and the bag turned out awesome!

Cute right?!  Have a great weekend!  I’ll be busy prepping for a show that’s next weekend!

Water bottle holder

I finished up this water bottle carrier yesterday and I love how it turned out.  These are perfect for trips to the zoo with the kids, or going on hikes in the woods.  Have a four year old like mine that is incredibly independent?  These are great for that too!

I used Sugar n Cream cotton yarn in Aloe Vera.

You can find the pattern here.  I’m planning on making a few of these for the spring craft show!  Have a great day!

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